Heather (windychan121) wrote in wow_chicks,

all i have to say...

Ninjas need to get a life.

I had my first pug group in a year. On my level 28 druid who is guildless. Normally i'd ask one of my main guildies to run me through stuff but they were all busy.
So, things didn't start off too good. Why? Well the "" leader "" said he didn't have the flightpath to southshore ( we were going to Shadowfang keep ). and then no one else had the flight path either but I, who was smart enoguh to get it before i joined a group. So I had to wait for one of them to come and summon with me. which wasn't fun.So, Our group had myself a druid who is a farel spec not one of the healing specs, a shamman, 2 hunters and a mage. Guess who got stuck with the healing. >> i did. >> I didn't mind, was practicing it earlier today in battlegrounds. But not my spec!! the Shammy was rezzing every now and then. I don't even know what the hell the mage was doing. She wasn't sheeping or anything, which would have been nice.
So, I said at the beginning " Any plans? Whose tanking? Healing etc?" The " Leader " just ran right in and of course aggroed. Before saying " Oh pets are gonna tank. "
So, the group wise was good. we worked together well, I explained to them first time healing for an instance, little shakey, they understood. No volgur behavior in the party chat, no calling each other names (till the end). Like I said in my previous post. Im very very very polite when I'm in new groups with people i've never been in before. So I was greeding once in a while. All i got was a shadow gem.
So, we came to the end of the boss finally, and the " leader hunter " wanted the healers to stay on top where the mob boss jumps. I suggested that the sham and I go onto the ledge since he doesn't jump there. he ' Insisted " we stay at the top and hunters at the ground, even though kinda hard to heal. Since their out of sight. So, course we died the first time. (leaving out the ugliness details, ask if you want them.)

Remember the end boss of SFK jumps platforms, and changes your group into those dog things. When people are like that you cannot heal them. Our other hunter didn't know that and was very very very irritative. saying " Heal me you noob! Heal! " I snapped at him saying " Can't heal you when your like that... " I was going to put ... " jerk " at the end of that sentence but stopped myself. He left afterwards ccause it was late for him. ( thank-god he did ) So i explained to the others when he changes you , healers can't heal! And, healers also run out of mana.

We killed him on the second try.I was after the robe that the guy drops. The mage died before he died. And she wasn't able to select greed / need. I selected greed thinking the other hutners would pass on it. They both fucking selected need! For a mage / druid robe ?! I thought wtf?? The " pack leader " kept on telling the mage who died to need it need it need it. She kept on telling him " I'm dead you idiot. " I thuoght oh shit Im with ninjas.
I'm pissed.
The fact that I got called a noob today, after the dude said i did my best with heals, the fact that he ninjaed something i wanted if i new a head of time they were going to do that I would have selected need for it. The fact that the leader snapped at the shamman for rezzing the wrong person because she wasn't able to select need? I mean come on!!!
If you tell me you have a level 61. Common sense people, don't hit need unless you NEED IT. Which I did, and the mage did. Pardon my language but he was a fucktard!! made me realize why i don't do PUG groups. I'm still doing them, I know their good groups out there. I'm tired ,yes wewere all but he never even asked me if I wanted that item. Thats what pisses me off right now. He asked the mage, told everyone else to need it but somehow " Forgotten " To ask me.

Thanks alot guys for making that run shitty.
I hate ninjas...If they join up my guild later, I'm telling my guild officers hell no. We already have one of those people in our group who acts like that, we don't need 3 more.
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